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Do neon signs need to be plugged in?

Do neon signs need to be plugged in?
  1. What is a neon sign and what does it do for your business
  2. How to choose the best type of neon sign for your needs
  3. Different types of power sources and how they work
  4. How to install a neon sign safely and quickly 
  5. Tips on maintenance, troubleshooting, and other FAQs about neon signs
  6. Neon Signs - A quick overview of everything you need to know before purchasing one!

Neon signs are beautiful - but do they need to be plugged in? The answer is not always, but it does depend on the type of sign. Neon tubes or lamps can be powered by either AC or DC power sources. AC-powered neon lights use alternating current at 120 volts for operation and require an external transformer that reduces the voltage to 12 volts. Whereas DC-powered neon lamps use direct current at 12 volts and typically don't need an external transformer because they operate directly off of the power source's voltage level.


Neon signs are a unique form of advertising. They use the power of light to create an eye-catching display that will be seen from afar at night or in dark spaces. The question is, do neon signs need to be plugged into an outlet? We can answer this for you! It turns out many people think they have to plug it in but don't worry, there's no electricity needed here. Neon lights work by releasing electrons which come together and make gas glow when excited with either electrical voltage or ultraviolet radiation. This means your sign won't require any kind of wires outside of itself - just some mounting screws if necessary! So what are you waiting for?! If you want more information about how much these beautiful pieces cost, contact us.

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