Neon Wedding Sign for Wedding Photo Booths

Fascinating Custom Neon Signs for Wedding From The Neon Signature Store

These days signage has become an integral part of wedding decor. Couples looking to create a unique vibe go for unconventional LED lighting solutions. And this is where custom wedding neon signs from Neon Signature come into play. Everything from a photo zone to a wedding facility can be decorated with light up wedding sign to add a magic touch to your special day.

A neon wedding sign is a vibrant, unexpected decor solution that beautifully adorns your special day venue. Apart from providing additional light, neon wedding signs can perform a number of functions. For instance, they can be used to direct guests to the bar, tell stories, and convey key wedding details, like the date, your hashtag, or your new monogram. Our team is always happy to create custom wedding neon sign to make your day special and unique.

Why Use LED Neon Signs for Weddings?

We manufacture our wedding neon signs from LED flex - a safer, more cost-efficient, and brighter material than the conventional glass neon. Our wedding signs won’t break and release any toxic gases. LED lights come at more favorable prices and are incredibly energy-efficient. A wedding sign can be lightened up in a touch that ensures a trouble-free user experience. Creating a romantic atmosphere has never been easier and cheaper. Just place your order with us and enjoy.

Shop Available Neon Signs or Create Your Custom Neon Wedding Sign

We offer various wedding neon signs that will help you create a special atmosphere at your wedding. Shop our neon sign collection to give a bit more light to your big day!

At Neon Signature, we can also make custom neon signs for weddings. There are two ways to order custom wedding neon signs from us:

  1. Via our online Neon Sign Constructor: write your text or select an image from our library, try out different colors and fonts, and finally, adjust the size of your future neon wedding sign.
  2. Send us a sketch: if you have your own concept of a wedding neon sign, share it with us! We’ll make a digital mock-up based on your sketch, and if you approve it, we’ll start bringing your idea to life right away. Of course, we’ll make adjustments in design if you need it.

Wedding Neon Sign Ideas

Bride and groom names

It’s one of the most popular solutions for a wedding neon sign, but it remains unique for each couple.

Bride and groom initials

Likewise, you can personalize your party by adding a wedding neon sign with bride and groom initials.

A meaningful quote

“All you need is love”, “Till death do us part”, “Love never fails”, or “Happily ever after” — these are just a few examples of quotes that can create a fabulous wedding photo backdrop.

Your wedding hashtag

One more awesome idea for a wedding neon sign is to use your wedding hashtag on it. Guests will definitely love it!

Date of the wedding

Let this special date last on each and every photo taken at your wedding.

What size to get neon sign for wedding?

When you’ve decided on your neon sign design, the next important step is to shop for the sign of the right size. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the better. It’s all up to you — having in mind the dimensions of your photo booth, bar, or wherever you want to place your sign, it’s easy to approximately calculate what size of a neon sign will best fit in there.