About Us

Our well-qualified team here at Neon Signature works 24/7 to create unique, high-quality, and long-lasting neon signs specially designed for you. With Neon Signature you can let your imagination run wild because we are always ready to turn your ideas and dreams into reality. These are not just some trivial neon signs. Our goal is to bring good vibes into your house with exclusive and unique interior lighting. Our aim is to help you create the atmosphere you dream of, highlight your own style and reflect your internal world.

From the start, we have constantly strived to make the most perfect and non-standard neon signs that will illuminate any place. All Neon Signature company's signs are hand-made and can be shipped to any place in the world. Also, we offer an immense palette of colours and a vast range of sizes. So, you can create virtually any design you want.

Our company specialises in manufacturing neon signs made of led flex strips on an acrylic frame. The materials used are PVC and acrylic. There is no fragile glass that can break, no neon gas, and no mercury.

Here are some reasons why we prefer to use LED neon flex to glass neon:

  • the LED neon sign is incredibly safe to use;
  • it’s made of high quality, fire retardant flexible PVC;
  • it’s very light and easy to carry;
  • it’s non-fragile unlike glass neon;
  • the LED technology is durable (up to 50 000 hours lifetime);
  • it’s much brighter;
  • it's more affordable

Each neon sign package includes:

  • a LED flex neon sign;
  • a power supply with a plug converter for your country;
  • a remote control-dimmer for controlling the brightness level, flicker, and on-off;
  • wall mounts