How to use neon signs in your business

How to use neon signs in your business

1. Neon signs are a great way to grab attention
2. They are also very eye-catching and memorable
3. The colors can help you create the right mood for your business
4. You can find neon signs in many shapes, sizes, and styles
5. What is the best type of sign to use in my business - traditional or modern style (i) Traditional style neon signs have been around since 1910 when they were invented by an electrician named Adolph Rickenbacker; they typically feature a glass tube with gas inside that lights up brightly when electricity runs through it (ii) Modern style neon signs are made from plastic tubes instead of glass; this makes them less fragile but more expensive than traditional ones
6. Where do I put my sign - on the roof or outside window (i) If you have a building with an exterior wall then it's best to put your neon sign on that wall because people driving by will be able to see it better (ii) If there isn't any outdoor space available then try putting one on the roof so people driving past at night will see it more easily

1. Neon signs are a great way to make your logo stand out
2. The colors of the neon sign can be customized to match your company's logo and branding
3. Neon signs are easy to install, making them an affordable option for any business
4. There is no limit on what you can do with neon, as they come in many shapes and sizes (i.e., arrows)
5. All businesses should use this opportunity to show off their creativity with bright colors and unique designs!
6. Want more information about how you could incorporate neon into your business strategy or design aesthetic- contact us today! We're happy to help you get started!

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