What Are Your Neon Color Options?

Our neon color options include 11 colors:

- White
- Warm White
- Orange
- Purple
- Pink
- Blue
- Green
- Blue
- Yellow
- Red
- Light Blue

Can I Turn a Logo or an Image Into a Neon Sign?

Absolutely! Simply send us an inquiry here with your image files and we'll provide you with a free mockup and a quote!

Why Do You Work With LED And Not Glass Neon?

Here are some reasons why we prefer to use LED neon flex to glass neon:

- LED neon sign is incredibly safe to useIt’s made of high quality, fire retardant flexible PVC;
- It’s very light and easy to carry;
- It’s non-fragile unlike glass neon;
- It's LED technology is durable (up to 50 000 hours lifetime);
- It's so much brighterit is cheaper to obtain and maintain;

Can I Order A Free Standing Neon Sign?

Absolutely! We can make acrylic stands that stand your neon signs on any leveled surface.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. We also accept installments with Shop Pay!

What warranty do you provide?

All of our signs produced for use indoor use and their electrical components (transformers, AC Plugs and Dimmers) include a 1-year warranty valid from the date of dispatch. For outdoor signs, please contact us for more details!

How Are Neon Signs Made?

All signs are hand-made using LED flex strips on a 5mm transparent acrylic backboard. We use materials such as PVC and acrylic. There is no fragile glass that can break, no neon gas, and no mercury.

Our LED Neon's are built with a typical lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours of constant usage. We use the best LEDs on the market ensuring a superior lifespan than our competitors.

How Long Do Your Orders Take

Your order will take about 1 to 5 days to make depending on the complexity of the sign(s), once it's received. Our shipment times then vary between 5-14 days!

What's Included With Your Neon Signs?

Your sign will include a power supply, a flicker with 3 brightness options unless you choose a remote and wall mounts.

How Do I Install Your Neon Signs?

Most of our signs will come with predrilled holes. We include screws and anchors for the option to hang on the wall as well as rings and a chain to hang your signs from the ceiling. Alternatively, for simple hanging jobs, our signs are light weight so you can use 3M command strips to mount on the wall (comes in the package).

Can I Use My Neon Sign Indoors & Outdoors?

Our signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. If you plan to order a sign that will be used entirely outdoors, email us or specify it in the order notes to confirm additional details!

What's Your Refund Policy?

We try our best to deliver an excellent customer experience for every one of our customers! Since our signs are made to order, and entirely by hand, our signs will not be 100% identical to their requested sign.

Damaged signs, or signs that don't look like thier requested signs will be given the option for a refund or a remake of their order

Neon Signs

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Use our powerful customizer to create your own neon sign! Stylize text, choose your own font color and even the installation type.

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