How Custom Neon Signs Are Made

A neon sign is a versatile type of signage or simply a rich element of decor. A good-quality neon sign can catch an eye with its colorful illumination and forms. It stands out both during the day and night, making any room look dazzling and mysterious.

The finished product looks magnificent, so one may assume that creating it is an easy process, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!


We make our custom neon signs using flex LED neon lights. Nevertheless, they look just as cool as classic neon signs that are made out of glass. Moreover, they are ten times more affordable, eco-friendly, flexible, and durable.

To produce a good-quality LED Neon Sign, one would require a great range of tools (and ideally years of practice). Starting with wire cutters to cut and shape out the design, finishing with the conductor wires, drills, special glue, soldering iron, etc. Besides, each of the neon signs needs an acrylic board to be inlaid in.

Everything starts with the customer's idea. Based on that idea, our design team creates a sketch of the neon sign in Adobe Illustrator, after which we send it out to the customer for approval. The neat thing about LED lights is that they are very flexible, which allows us to implement any pattern. That's not the case with traditional neon made of glass tubes.

After the neon sign is approved by the customer, we immediately start the production. The sketch gets sent to our in-house CNC specialist to cut out the acrylic board. When the board is cut to shape, our artist starts the timely process of inlaying the neon flex into the board, wiring it all together. Each neon sign goes through thorough quality control to ensure that every single customer gets the best possible product

We cannot reveal all the secrets of magical light creation, but if there is any specific thing you are interested in, please contact us in the live chat, by email or simply call us.