Returns / Cancellation

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If you’re here, we can guess that something went wrong and you need a better solution. We are here to help you and guide you through our policy rules. We are more than happy to explain how things work on our end and why we keep our company policy.

For fully customised/special order pieces, we cannot accept cancellation or refunds after the payment is complete, as all pieces are uniquely made to fit your specific order. All orders are final once placed on the site.


We work 24/7 to deliver your signs as quick as possible. That is why, you can be sure that your order is processed at once after you have placed it.

It is a very unlikely that your piece will arrive broken or faulty, as we do pack them with the greatest care, however...

What if your piece is faulty or has an error?

Of course, we can accept a return or replacement for you. That is a given. But

PLEASE submit the photo/video evidence of the damaged packaging. It is of highest importance to send us proof of the damaged packaging so that we can request a refund from the courier and resend it to you.

For signs with a pre-set design, we can accept a return within 7 days of receipt if the product is unused and is in the same condition and packaging as when it was first received.

Please note that a return shipping fee is paid by the customer.
A bit unpleasant, but honest. We hope it does not come to this:)

We give a 12-month guarantee on all pieces. Of course, the signs are built to last longer than that, so if your piece stops working in any way during this period just let us know and we will fix it free of charge. Note, in these circumstances, the customer is paying for the expedited shipping of the sign before and after replacement/repair.

Import Fees/Duties

In some countries imported orders are subject to a fee/duty and tax.
Depending on which country you are ordering from, and also how big/heavy the piece is, a fee is generally 5-10% of the purchase price.

This is standard procedure for any item bought online and the tax law is applied by the whole world, therefore it is entirely out of our hands - many orders won't be subject to import fees, but for those that are, please be aware that these fees are the responsibility of the customer and are not covered by Neon Signature.

If you need any more help anything, please ,do not hesitate to contact our team via
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Thank you for your patience, understanding and great attitude!
We understand that anything can happen, but do not fright, because almost anything can be solved.