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5 facts about the history of neon lights

5 facts about the history of neon lights
  1. Neon lights were invented in the late 1800s
  2. The first use of neon lights was to light up a theater in Paris 
  3. Neon signs are most commonly used for advertising and they can be seen from long distances 
  4. There is an ongoing debate about whether or not neon lights should be banned due to their environmental impact, similar to the ban on incandescent bulbs 
  5. Neon signs have been featured prominently in many films including Blade Runner 2049, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and A Clockwork Orange

Neon lights have been a part of our lives for over 100 years, and they're still going strong. In this blog post, we'll look at five facts about the history of neon signs. 

1) Neon colors were first used in 1908 to make advertising signs for an auto company called Studebaker.

2) The term "neon" comes from the Greek word "neos," meaning new or modern.

3) It was not until 1923 that neon lights were installed into New York City's Radio City Music Hall, where they are still used today to illuminate the theater when it is dark outside!

4) In 1933, a neon sign was erected on top of Hollywood's iconic Brown Derby restaurant by its owner Billy Wilk

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